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Auctions America provides a great fund raiser for local car clubs. We help to move the cars around and the club gets paid for the number of volunteer hours we put in. This year the auction was held in the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center. As you can see, the hall is huge.

View of auction block from half-way down the hall

View of auction block from half-way down the hall

The engines are not supposed to be run inside the building, so the cars are towed by golf carts.  That still needs a volunteer to steer.  Ferraris don’t corner very well when the engine isn’t running.

Originally the vehicles are lined up in auction order.  They are towed to the nearest exit and then driven to a staging area.  When the time comes to be auctioned, they are driven to the entrance and pushed up on the auction stage.  Afterwards they are pushed onto a turntable and driven off behind the stage.  They go back to an entrance and sorted into “sold” and “bid goes on” areas.

They had a couple of Studebakers.

Half ton pickup

Half ton pickup

An Avanti which had seen better days

An Avanti which had seen better days

A Pierce Arrow



A Stutz Blackhawk



It was great fun being able to drive some rare and exotic cars

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