IDYSD Rain Date

International Drive Your Studebaker Day fell on September 9th in 2017 when Hurricane Irma was rapidly approaching Florida.  We had planned to meet at the Denny’s Classic Diner in Lake Worth. The event was rescheduled for September 30th which turned out to be a beautiful day.

We had a good turn out with sixteen people and five Studebakers. (click pictures to see full size.)

The Studebakers with their drivers

The cars from left to right were: Sebby Amenta’s ‘54 Commander hardtop, Bob Ewart’s ‘50 2R5 ½ ton pickup, Butch Figurella’s ‘53 Commander Coupe, Richard Schomaker’s ‘64 Avanti and Bud Alvarez’s ‘51 Commander 4 door.After a late lunch, we went outside to check out the cars.  

Our next event is a picnic at Richard Schomaker’s house to see his model car/truck collection.  The forecast is for 100% rain.  

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