Quiet Waters Car Show

On January 21st we went to the Quiet Waters park in Deerfield to attend the 7th Annual YATC Cool Wheels Car Show to support the Youth Automotive Training Center.

The line up from left to right is: Ed Ellis’s 53 Custom, Bob Ewart’s 50 1/2 ton pickup, Butch Figurella’s 62 Champ pickup, Sebby Amenta’s 54 Commander and Tory Amenta’s 33 Plymouth.  Not to mention Butch’s little pickup.  Butch got a trophy.  I’m not sure for which one.

The weather was good, but we were placed right in front of the band stand speakers.  Can you say LOUD!

The 33 Plymouth was a beauty and it even had a real trunk.  I couldn’t pass up this picture of Bonnie (the car) & Clyde.  There was a young woman who’s hair matched my 50 pickup.

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