2017 Auctions America

The 2017 Auctions America collector car auction is underway.  We’ve done two days so far and gotten to drive all sorts of interesting cars. This will make our treasurer happy, since Auctions America pays the club for the hours we volunteer.

Some of Saturday’s gang with a 55 Studebaker Speedster

The rest of the gang had wandered off when we took the picture.  They haven’t listed the final results yet, but this gorgeous speedster and the 1940 Studebaker Champion Club Sedan street rod below are not listed in the ‘Still for Sale’ list.

Studebaker street rod

Here’s John with a 1940 Packard 180.  There were quite a few Packards in the auction.

Plenty of Packards

I’m not sure what Hank was driving (I’ll try to find out today)

I got to drive a 2006 Factory Five GTM.  Factory Five builds cars to order from components.  Basically a kit car, but what beautiful results.  I had to have help getting out of this one.

2006 Factory Five GTM

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