Smokey Bones

Because a number of us went to the Studebaker International Meet, we couldn’t participate in the International Drive Your Studebaker Day. So we had a Delayed Drive Your Studebaker Day on October 10th. We met at Smokey Bones on Route 441 west of Boca Raton.

Fifteen people attended with five Studebakers.

The Studebakers that attended

The cars from left to right are:
Andrew Wiley’s 53 Commander
Rich Shomaker’s 66 Commander Hot Rod
Tony Robles’s 39 Commander
Angelo “Butch” Figurella’s 62 Champ Pickup
Ed deSilva’s 90 4-door Avanti

After lunch we had a drawing for a $50 gas card. Only the 5 above were eligible. Ed deSilva won the draw.

One more sign that I spotted in Ellie’s 50’s Diner & Flamingo Ballroom in Delray Beach.

Upcoming Events

The Studebaker Drivers’ Club will hold an International Meet on September 11-14 in Mansfield Ohio.

The International Drive Your Studebaker Day is on the second Saturday of September. That’s September 14th. Because some of us will be going to the International Meet, we won’t be having a local event.

The Florida State Meet/SE Zone Meet 2019 will be held on October 11-12 in Clearwater, Florida. It is hosted by the Central Florida Chapter SDC. The host hotel is the LaQuinta Inn and Suites.

See for registration.

August Breakfast

On August 3rd seven members attended a breakfast at the Cracker Barrel restaurant in Deerfield Beach. As usual there was a lot of discussion about our Studebakers and how to fix/improve them.

Breakfast at the Cracker Barrel

Only two Studebakers made the breakfast. We need to get more of them out to our events.

Only two, but looking good

2019 RM Southeby Auction

This year the auction was a bit of a disappointment. In years past they contracted with the various driver clubs to get volunteers to move the cars around during the auction. The payments to the driver clubs was a welcome addition to their treasurys.

This year they wanted the social security numbers of all volunteers so that they could issue W-2 forms to us. Eventually they sent a check to the club. It was about a third of what it had been in the past.

They did have a couple of nice Studebakers at the auction.

SDC “Get Members, Get Months”

The Studebaker Drivers’ Club is having a national membership drive. Current members will have their membership extended by one month for every new SDC member they get.  The membership drive runs through 12/31/19.

The SDC has always been appreciative of its members who put forth the effort to bring new folks into the national club. Starting right now, SDC wants to reward you for that continuing effort. This membership recruiting promotion is simple. For each new member you get signed up your own SDC membership will be extended one month! As the accompanying ad indicates, when you get a new member (or a former member who has not been in the club for at least 3 years) to join with a full membership (with Turning Wheels) just have them give Cornerstone Registration YOUR NAME AND/OR MEMBERSHIP NUMBER to get another month added to your SDC membership. Thanks in advance. Go get-em!

2018 IDYSD

International Drive Your Studebaker Day falls on the second Saturday of September.  Fortunately, Packy’s Sports Grill has a Cruise Night on the second Saturday of every month which was ideal for a Sunshine Chapter outing.

We met in the Lowe’s parking lot on W Palmetto Park Road and State Road 7 (US 441).  Then went in caravan to Packy’s west of SR7.  The cars in the caravan were:

  • Butch Figurella’s ’61 Champ
  • Rich Schomaker’s ’66 Commander
  • Ed Ellis’s ’53 Commander
  • Rich Schomaker’s ’64 Avanti
  • Bob Ewart’s ’50 2R5 pickup

Later we were joined by Sebby Amanta in a ’54 Commander and Jake Kaywell’s ’62 GT Hawk.  Butch claimed that we had 8 Studebakers there, but only listed 7.

We had a lot of fun looking at all the other cars/trucks.  There were about 20 people from our chapter there.  It was a little hard to count since they kept moving around.  

2018 Moonlite Diner and Art’s Cars

On August 4th we met for lunch at the Moonlite Diner in Fort Lauderdale.

Comments from Butch (the Prez):
We had a nice turn out at our last meeting at the Moonlite dinner in Ft Lauderdale and we all got to see Al Polacheck’s beautiful car collection. I think we had 21 people. Thanks again to Al.

Notice what’s on the tray in the Rolls.

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June Breakfast

We went back to the Denny’s Classic Diner in Hypoluxo. This time for a free breakfast thanks to all the people who worked the auction.  Fourteen people and 3.01 Studebakers were there.

New members, Jake Kaywell and his father John, brought a stunning ’62 GT Hawk.  They are on the right in the picture with the guys.

Butch and Bob drove their pickups.  Check out the pedal car.  Yes, it’s a Studebaker.

2018 RM Auctions

Butch, John, Ed and I volunteered on Friday.  We stayed all day and had a number of rides. Some were great and other frustrating due to unmarked shift patterns and dead batteries.

Here are some of our rides.  Note my bright red Studebaker suspenders.

In addition to the Friday crew, Vince, Bethany, Hank, Ed E. and Steve also participated.  Hank, who used to run this web site, came down from Jacksonville.

Some of the interesting cars that crossed the block included a ’57 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing which hammered down at $1,085,000 (plus 10% auction fee) with the proceeds going to benefit the Jackson, Michigan YMCA.  There was another Mercedes roadster which went for $!.4 million.  

One of the other cars that surprised me was a ’63 Volkswagon Deluxe “23 Window” Microbus with a high bid of $170,000.  It did not sell.

Here are some of the pictures from Saturday:

The Packard was just too pretty to pass up.