April 10, 2021 Luncheon

Text by Cindy Schomaker
Pictures by Bob Ewart

A breath of fresh air! After months of weathering Covid, members of the club took their cars out of the garage and headed to Boynton Beach on a bright, sunny, warm South Florida day.

We convened at Cocina Moderna on Lyons Road in Boynton Beach for a delightful afternoon lunch on the patio. The following members attended:

Butch & Gina Figurella
Norma and Mario Hernandez
Sebby Amenta
Salvatore and Andrea Amenta
Richard and Cindy Schomaker
Bob Ewart and sister Adele

Butch announced that Andrea Amenta has agreed to be our new secretary/ Treasurer and we are working on getting our funds transferred from the late John Loerop’s account.

We discussed future plans for the group. Suggestions included road trips for an afternoon and another gathering in the near future. Rich Schomaker offered to host a picnic at his house in Lighthouse Point and it has been scheduled for June 12th. It will be a BYOB, BYOC and BYOF event. When the specifics are sent to the members, the acronyms will be explained (if necessary).

We also discussed ideas of how to increase membership, especially among younger drivers. Club membership applications were distributed to several members to take to local car shows, several of which have nearly one hundred cars on display. It was suggested we get the Studebaker Driver’s Club to donate some magazines to put on display along with the applications. More suggestions are always welcomed.

After lunch, we lined up the four attending Studebakers in front of the restaurant for photos. The cars and owners (left to right) are as follows:

Bob Ewart’s 54 Champion
Butch Figurella’s 53 Commander Coupe
Sebby Amenta’s 53 Commander hardtop
Richard Schomaker’s 66 Commander Hot Rod

We hope good health and meetings continue and look forward to the next gathering.

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