2015 Christmas Party

Our annual Christmas party was held at Butch and Gina’s house on December 7th.  We had a good crowd, but only a couple of Studebakers.  Our Poet Laureate recited his version of Twas the Night Before Christmas.

One of the highlights of the party was sharing Christmas gifts.  Everyone brought a $10-$20 gift.  They were separated into piles for the guys and the women.  Everyone got a number.  The numbers were drawn at random.  When a person’s number was drawn, they could either draw from the appropriate pile or steal one from somebody that had already drawn.  Then that person would draw another gift.  One gift was stolen three times, which is the limit.

2013 Florida State Studebaker Meet

The 2013 Florida State Studebaker Meet was held in Port St. Lucie in November.  There were a lot of interesting Studebaker cars and trucks and even a Packard or two.

There was an 11 mile cruise to a private opening of the Elliot Auto Museum The museum celebrates history, art and technology through the lens of an automobile’s effect on American Society. The museum houses an impressive array of antique cars including: 1903 Stanley Steamer, 1909 Model T, 1922 Star Station Wagon, 1923 Stutz Roadster, 1926 Bugatti Grand Prix Racer and 1941 Lincoln Continental.

Studebaker going in style

Studebaker going in style

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