SDC “Get Members, Get Months”

The Studebaker Drivers’ Club is having a national membership drive. Current members will have their membership extended by one month for every new SDC member they get.  The membership drive runs through 12/31/19.

The SDC has always been appreciative of its members who put forth the effort to bring new folks into the national club. Starting right now, SDC wants to reward you for that continuing effort. This membership recruiting promotion is simple. For each new member you get signed up your own SDC membership will be extended one month! As the accompanying ad indicates, when you get a new member (or a former member who has not been in the club for at least 3 years) to join with a full membership (with Turning Wheels) just have them give Cornerstone Registration YOUR NAME AND/OR MEMBERSHIP NUMBER to get another month added to your SDC membership. Thanks in advance. Go get-em!

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