2017 Christmas Party

Butch and Gina hosted our annual Christmas Party on December 17th.  Twenty two of us brought $20 gifts to share.  Each of us drew a number.  Then numbers were drawn. Even if you had drawn number 1, there was no telling which order you would get to pick a wrapped gift.  When your number was drawn, you had the choice of picking a gift or stealing a gift that had already been picked.  That was great fun as some of the later pickers looked over the gifts already picked.

Good food, good conversation, all in all a great party.  Need I say more?



IDYSD Rain Date

International Drive Your Studebaker Day fell on September 9th in 2017 when Hurricane Irma was rapidly approaching Florida.  We had planned to meet at the Denny’s Classic Diner in Lake Worth. The event was rescheduled for September 30th which turned out to be a beautiful day.

We had a good turn out with sixteen people and five Studebakers. (click pictures to see full size.)

The Studebakers with their drivers

The cars from left to right were: Sebby Amenta’s ‘54 Commander hardtop, Bob Ewart’s ‘50 2R5 ½ ton pickup, Butch Figurella’s ‘53 Commander Coupe, Richard Schomaker’s ‘64 Avanti and Bud Alvarez’s ‘51 Commander 4 door. Continue reading

June Breakfast Meeting

On Saturday, June 3rd 14 of us met for breakfast at the Cracker Barrel in Deerfield.  We had a great time talking about our vehicles and looking at pictures from the Studebaker Drivers Club International Meet in South Bend.

Only two Studebaker pickups showed.  Somehow a ’57 T-Bird also showed up.  He claimed his Studebaker needed work.

After the breakfast, we had a meeting on the front porch while we waited for the downpour to lighten up.  We talked about having meetings every other month and having a big get-together in the fall to invite all the people who had been members back to see what we’re doing.  

2017 Auctions America

The 2017 Auctions America collector car auction is underway.  We’ve done two days so far and gotten to drive all sorts of interesting cars. This will make our treasurer happy, since Auctions America pays the club for the hours we volunteer.

Some of Saturday’s gang with a 55 Studebaker Speedster

The rest of the gang had wandered off when we took the picture.  They haven’t listed the final results yet, but this gorgeous speedster and the 1940 Studebaker Champion Club Sedan street rod below are not listed in the ‘Still for Sale’ list.

Studebaker street rod

Continue reading

Studebaker’s Past

General Motors recently celebrated its 100th anniversary.  Did you know that Studebaker was in business for 115 years?  1852 to 1967

They originally produced wagons for farmers, miners and the military.  They were in the right place to supply wagons for the California Gold Rush.

In 1857 they produced their first fancy carriage.  The carriage production finally stopped in 1919.  This is a 1912 Studebaker Doctor’s Buggy.