2016 State Meet

Hi All,  We made to and from Tallahassee in the old truck without and  any car problems. 8 hours each way in not the most comfortable riding car. We listened to an audio book and I listened to Gina say how much see enjoyed riding in this classic truck and she can’t wait for our next trip.
Doug Gleim and Jim Ricciardi  were the other people from our chapter.
The meet was good, the weather was just beautiful. The hotel / golf course complex was isolated so we all stayed put.
My Truck got a first place award.
First Place

First Place

I brought up the idea at our chapter meeting that since every chapter is getting older it is hard for a chapter to do a state meet.  I thought that we have it in a central location every year at the same place and scale it down .
This coming year 2017 we think it will be Orlando and every year after that Gainesville. The Cade Studebaker Museum should be open in 2018
We started a state meet committee via email to kick this idea around. Let me know you thoughts.
I got my 53 front suspension completely removed and starting installing the rack and pinion and coil over suspension . I hope I did not bite off more that I can chew.  This is a real bear and I’m not getting any younger.
Don’t forget the Christmas party on Dec 4

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