January 2017 Afternoon

Seven of us met at Denny’s Classic Diner on Hypoluxo at Military.  We didn’t get the crowd that we had last time, but at 4pm the place was nearly empty and the food came out quickly and hot.

Only two Studebakers made it this time.  Butch’s new white walls look sharp

Our next meeting will be at the Tradewinds Park on Feburary 19th.

The steering on Butch’s 53 was driving him crazy, so he ordered the Rack & Pinion suspension from Slick Street Stuff.  He didn’t realize what a job it was going to be.

He had to shorten the steering column and re-route it to get to the rack & pinion.

You can see the top u-joint of 2 needed to get down there.  This was complicated by keeping the 3 on the tree shifting.

You can just see the shift linkage to the left of the steering column next to the firewall. The last problem was re-routing the horn wiring which used to run down the center of the steering column.



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