Studebaker’s Past

General Motors recently celebrated its 100th anniversary.  Did you know that Studebaker was in business for 115 years?  1852 to 1967

They originally produced wagons for farmers, miners and the military.  They were in the right place to supply wagons for the California Gold Rush.

In 1857 they produced their first fancy carriage.  The carriage production finally stopped in 1919.  This is a 1912 Studebaker Doctor’s Buggy.

2016 State Meet

Hi All,  We made to and from Tallahassee in the old truck without and  any car problems. 8 hours each way in not the most comfortable riding car. We listened to an audio book and I listened to Gina say how much see enjoyed riding in this classic truck and she can’t wait for our next trip.
Doug Gleim and Jim Ricciardi  were the other people from our chapter.
The meet was good, the weather was just beautiful. The hotel / golf course complex was isolated so we all stayed put.
My Truck got a first place award.
First Place

First Place

I brought up the idea at our chapter meeting that since every chapter is getting older it is hard for a chapter to do a state meet.  I thought that we have it in a central location every year at the same place and scale it down .
This coming year 2017 we think it will be Orlando and every year after that Gainesville. The Cade Studebaker Museum should be open in 2018
We started a state meet committee via email to kick this idea around. Let me know you thoughts.
I got my 53 front suspension completely removed and starting installing the rack and pinion and coil over suspension . I hope I did not bite off more that I can chew.  This is a real bear and I’m not getting any younger.
Don’t forget the Christmas party on Dec 4

October 2016 Luncheon

We had a great turnout at the Denny’s Classic Diner in Boynton Beach on Sunday October 23rd.   There were 14 people and 5 Studebakers attending.

All 5 Studebakers and some of the attendees Photo by Butch

All 5 Studebakers and some of the attendees
Photo by Butch

After the lunch, we got all the Studebakers lined up for a photo shoot.

The rest of the Studebakers

The rest of the Studebakers

Then spent some time in the parking lot looking over the cars and talking about what we had done and were planning to do with our vehicles.

July Breakfast at the Cracker Barrel

Our breakfast meeting was on July 16th at the Cracker Barrel, 1250 SW 11th Way (FAU Research Park Blvd.) in Deerfield Beach at 9 am.

Studebakers at the breakfast

Studebakers at the breakfast

Fourteen people attended the breakfast.  We had a great time discussing our vehicles and ailments (vehicular and personal.) Some of the discussion items included: Where to get parts; how to get things re-chromed; and how to tell what the differential ratio is.

One of the discussions about my 1950 2R5 1/2 ton pickup was about the manifold.  The 2R5 is supposed to have a single manifold comprising both intake and exhaust (part # 533790.)  The 2R6 has an intake manifold (part # 675232) and an exhaust manifold (part # 681052.)  Both of these have a single exhaust pipe.  Somehow my truck has the exhaust split so that I have dual exhausts.

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Lunch at Friendly’s

Seventeen members and wives met at the Friendly’s in Delray Beach on May 22nd for a free lunch.  Nine members worked at the Auctions America event in April.  This brought in $1062 to the treasury which paid for the lunch.  We had a great time talking about our cars/trucks.


Lots of good food and conversation

Unfortunately only two Studebakers showed up


We had a short meeting and decided on future events. See the Calendar

2016 Auctions America

Auctions America has a collector car auction every year in Fort Lauderdale.  Many of the local driver clubs are invited to send volunteers to drive the cars around the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center.  The clubs are paid for their support.  In 2015 the Sunshine chapter made around $1000 from the event.  See the post about last year’s auction for a description of the auction. The auction this year was on April 1,2 and 3.

We do get a chance to drive some fabulous cars.  But much of the time is spent waiting to go on.


It’s hot out here.

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